St Jude's
ST Jude's

By Gemma Sisia

Sophie's_journey.jpgSophie's Journey

by Sally Collings

Sophie's Journey by Sally Collings is a great story about courage and strength. On the 15th of December 2003, Sophie was at the Roundhouse Childcare Centre sleeping, when suddenly a car went around the corner too fast and flew through the wall. Sophie was extremely damaged and had 85% of her body burnt by the accident, this is because the car had landed on her and she was trapped and unable to move. Then again 2 years later, Sophie was hit by a car. This story goes through the view of the people around sophie, including her family, friends, the firefighters and police who helped to free sophie from her first accident, aswell as alot of other very talented and wise people that helped sophie. It also include's pictures of sophie at diffrent stages of her accidents. Sophie is a child full of bravery and someone i will never forget. Reading this story has opened my eyes to the lives of others around me. This book is fantastic and I'm glad i read it. I give it 8/10.(Felicity Yr8)


by Jesse Martin

the_will_to_climb.jpgThe Will to Climb

by Richard Harris

soul_surfer.jpgSoul Surfer

by Bethany Hamilton