Painted_Love_Letters.jpgPainted Love Letters

By Catherine Bateson


By Libby Hathorn

you've_got_guts.jpgYou've got guts, Kenny Melrose

By Shirley Corlett

my_big_birkett.jpgMy Big Birkett

By Lisa Shanahan

Lola_Rose.jpgLola Rose

By Jacqueline Wilson

When I first read Lola Rose I was surpised to find the situations that were in the book were so realistic. The book would definitely
help anyone who has gone or is going through the same situations. I enjoyed the moments in the book that I could really conect to, especially the annoying sibling bits. I would recommend this book to anyone who really wanted to know how well they have life and how lucky they really are, and I shall definitely recommend this book to my friends and family. {Kristina Yr 9}

external image 9781876372996.jpgAllie McGregor's True Colours

By Sue Lawson

This is a story of a troubled teenage girl named Allie McGregor. Her father works for the local radio station and is constantly embarassing her with comments about her personal life, whilst her mother is currently battling a severe cancer. As the book goes on, Allie realizes the difference between right and wrong and she discovers who her true friends really are.
The novel is moving from the first few pages right up until it ends. I would recommend this book to almost anyone who is up for a good read and prepared to be blown away. [Sheena Yr 8R - 6/4/10]