Artemis_Fowl.jpgArtemis Fowl

by Eoin Colfer
I love the sense of humour in this book, and how Artemis Fowl is naughty!


by Christopher Paolini

Eragon is the tale of a teenage farm boy, destined for great things.
One day, Earagon is hunting deer in the Boer Mountains when he comes across a smooth, blue rock. Eragon is startled by his discovery, for no one in the village knows what it is. Not even the wisest living in town. Eragon decides to keep the mysterious stone, with the thought of it being worth some money. One night, Eragon wakes up to find a purple dragon in his bedroom, and the blue stone smashed wide open. He takes in the dragon, and takes care of it. He finds that his dragon can contact him though telepathy, and he names her Saphira.

One night, Eragon's uncle is killed in a fire and Eragon makes an oath he will track down the culprits and kill them. The local storyteller Brom accompanies him and Sapphira, and tells them they are the first dragon riders in over 100 years.

This is only the start of a very long journey.
The second book in the series is Eldest, and the third is Brisingr. (by Alycia Yr 8)


by Isobelle Carmody
Many fantasy books have male main characters. However, this book is the first in a series, with a female heroine, who takes on the responsibilities of leadership to protect those she cares about.

Key_to_Rondo_cover.jpgThe Key to Rondo

by Emily Rodda


by Carole Wilkinson

Come for an amazing adventure with a little slave girl who isn't even worthy enough to know her own name, or when she was born. She serves the Emperor's dragon keeper, who took her away from her family when she was just a little baby. The dragon keeper's job is to care for the dragons who are worshiped by the fellow citizens of ancient China.

Ping, the little slave girl, finds an amazing power hidden deep inside her heart, which helps her to free the last dragon in the whole world from his cruel keeper. On her way to get the dragon as far away as possible, she meets a very important young boy, and has to decide whether to stay with the dragon in good weather or bad, or to go with this boy and live in a good home forever and to always have a full stomach.

I like this book a lot because it shows that even in the worst of the worst times of your life, if you have true friends they will always be there to help.
(Pia Yr 8)