By Morris Gleitzman
'Once', by Morris Gleitzman, is about a Jewish orphan called Felix, and his fight to find his parents. He escapes from his orphanage when Nazis arrive to burn all the Jewish books and insult the nuns living there. Felix is confused, and gets lost along the road to where he last remembered living. He gets hungry and tired, and stumbles across a girl of about 5 years of age, and she joins him to try and find the way back home.

"Everybody deserves to have
something good in their life.
At least once."
The second book to 'Once', is 'Then'.
This book all about having courage, and being determined to find what you've been looking for. (Alycia 8M)



By Deborah Ellis
Parvana is a girl who grows up in Afghanistan and finds it hard to cope when her father is taken away to prison and her mother becomes deeply depressed. She dresses up as a boy and goes to work at the marketplace to earn money, because someone has to take charge in the family and provide food. At the marketplace she meets another girl who is also dressed as a boy, and you can read her story in the book called Shauzia. I liked this book because it's encouraging and shows determination. There is another book after this one called Parvana's Journey. (Lusiane Yr 8)